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Industrial CompactFlash (CF) Overview

rugged compact flash cf

CompactFlash™ (CF) is the preferred storage method for professional imaging, but is also an excellent choice for industrial applications due to performance, robustness and ease of integration.  Delkin’s CF cards are built with industrial temperature components and are ruggedized to withstand shock and vibration, making them the ideal memory solution for extreme environmental conditions.  The standard PATA/IDE-compatible interface and availability of adapters facilitates incorporation into embedded systems as a solid state drive.

Delkin delivers off-the-shelf industrial CF cards in three product grades: SLC Industrial (-40 to 85°C), SLC Commercial (0 to 70°C) and MLC Commercial (0 to 70°C) ranges in capacities up to 64GB.  Utilizing multiple controller options and a menu of MLC and SLC flash choices, Delkin will also custom-tailor CF cards to deliver the optimum combination of speed, capacity, durability and environmental ruggedness for a specific application.

Adapters are available to allow CF cards to be connected to PCI, IDE, 44-pin laptop mini-IDE, and SATA connections, allowing a CF card to act as a solid-state drive with virtually any operating system or BIOS, and even in a RAID configuration. They provide complete PCMCIA-ATA functionality and compatibility. Delkin industrial CompactFlash cards are available in capacities from 64MB to 64GB.

Whether off-the-shelf or custom, all Delkin CF cards are manufactured to controlled bills of materials, ensuring a consistent product solution and performance.  Delkin Devices has over 25 years of experience as an OEM partner, providing storage solutions for applications as diverse as single board computers, industrial controls, data loggers, kiosks, gaming systems, automotive, flight systems, digital video surveillance and medical equipment.

We Also Specialize in Custom Solid State Flash CF Solutions - Contact Delkin Industrial Storage For More Info.

Industrial CompactFlash Memory Card Features

  • Compliant with CompactFlash Specification Rev. 4.1
  • Compliant with European Union Directive 2002/95/ EC (RoHS)
  • Operating modes – Memory, PCMCIA I/O, True IDE (PIO6, DMA4 & UDMA 6)
  • Capacities supported: 64MB-64GB
  • Available in Commercial and Industrial Temperature operating ranges
  • ECC and Wear Leveling
  • Fixed or removable
  • Additional features – Custom CIS, DataSafe, Master Boot Record protection, custom labels and packaging
  • 3 Year Warranty – MLC Components
  • 5 Year Warranty – SLC Components

Rugged CF (CompactFlash) Specifications

Commercial CF temperature
  Industrial CF temperature
-50° to 100° C
-50° to 100° C
0° to 70° C
-40° to 85° C
MTBF: >3,000,000 hours
Data retention: 10 years
Endurance: 2,000,000 write/erase cycles
Shock: 40g's at 11ms, MIL-STD-810
Vibration: 15Hz to 2,000Hz, MIL-STD-810
Altitude: 80,000 feet

Industrial CF Specifications

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Industrial CF Card Purchase Options

CompactFlash Industrial Temp - DMA4 Enabled - Fixed Drive
Part Number Capacity Delkin  Avnet Link
Industrial Rugged CF (SLC) CE12TFJHK-FD000-D 128MB
 $   21.51
Delkin Avnet
Industrial Rugged CF (SLC) CE25TFKHK-FD000-D 256MB
$   24.82
Delkin Avnet
Industrial Rugged CF (SLC) CE51TFLHK-FD000-D 512MB
 $   28.40
Delkin Avnet
Industrial Rugged CF (SLC) CE0GTFHHK-FD000-D 1GB
$  40.75
Delkin Avnet
Industrial Rugged CF (SLC) CE02TFNHK-FD000-D 2GB
$  63.94
Delkin Avnet
Industrial Rugged CF (SLC) CE04TFNHK-FD000-D 4GB
$  88.24
Delkin Avnet
Industrial Rugged CF (SLC) CE08TFPHK-FD000-D 8GB
$  138.97
Delkin Avnet
Industrial Rugged CF (SLC) CE16TFPHK-FD000-D 16GB
$  285.66
Delkin Avnet
ELC (Extended Life Cycle) Compact Flash Industrial Temp - DMA4 Enabled - Fixed Drive
Industrial Rugged ELC CF (SLC) CE12MJBHS-FD000-5 128MB
Delkin Avnet
Industrial Rugged ELC CF (SLC) CE25MJBHS-FD000-5 256MB
Delkin Avnet
Industrial Rugged ELC CF (SLC) CE51MJBHS-FD000-5 512MB
Delkin Avnet
Industrial Rugged ELC CF (SLC) CE0GMHWHS-FD000-5 1GB
Delkin Avnet
Industrial Rugged ELC CF (SLC) CE02MHWHS-FD000-5 2GB
Delkin Avnet
Industrial Rugged ELC CF (SLC) CE04MHWHS-FD000-5 4GB
Delkin Avnet
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