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Rugged Industrial PATA Overview

Delkin industrial sata drives

Delkin Devices manufactures rugged industrial grade, solid state PATA drives with industrial temperature components, enhanced shock and vibration performance, and exceptional durability and reliability. Control of every aspect of each drive is assured by a configurable part number and a locked down Bill of Materials, minimizing unscheduled field inspections and product replacement. These PATA SSDs provide solid state reliability and a drop-in replacement to PATA hard disk drives.

With over 20 years experience as an OEM partner providing storage solutions to manufacturers worldwide, Delkin Devices is the reliable USA manufacturer to fulfill your memory requirements. Rugged Controlled Storage-that is what makes Delkin Devices the right choice.

Rugged Industrial PATA Features

  • Drop-in replacement of 1.8/2.5 inch PATA HDD
  • Boot from Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista and Linux
  • ATA/IDE Bus Interface
  • 512Bytes/Sector
  • ATA command set compatible
  • 3 Year Warranty – MLC Components
  • 5 Year Warranty – SLC Components

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Standard Temperature range
  Industrial Temperature range
-50° to 100° C
-50° to 100° C
0° to 70° C
-40° to 85° C
MTBF: >2,700,000 hours
Data retention: 10 years
Endurance: 2,000,000 write/erase cycles
Shock: 1500G/0.5ms
Vibration: 20G/20-2,000Hz
Altitude: 80,000 feet